Dogshow SDHK Luleå

SIGGE (Tjohalias Tie Me Tenderly) BOB PUPPY!!! Sigge got the nicest critic i ever got on a dog ❤ BRUNO (Tjohalias All Spotlights On Me) BM-PUPPY 3 W HP!! Owner: Gill Lundström Santner.  Thank you to judge Lisa Molin!

Chihuahua speciality Show Kalix

Nice day at Chihuahua speciality in Kalix!!

SIGGE (Tjohalias Tie Me Tenderly) 2 BM PUPPY w HP! Nominated to best movement & best temperament!

SUKI (CH The Small One’s Bright Crystal) BOB VETERAN BISS-3 VETERAN. Nominated to best head, movement and temperament.

LEONA (RLD N&F&A Tjohalias créme de la créme) just outside placement in BF w R-CAC!!! BISS-3 temperament! Nominated to best head & movement. Congratulations to owner Sandra Engström

BRUNO (Tjohalias All Spotlight’s On Me) BOS-BABY BISS-3 BABY!! Nominated to best head! Congratulations to owner Gill Lundström Santner

Thanks to judge Jeanette A.B!

After this show i have decided that Suki will be retiring from shows.