Dogshow SDHK Luleå

SIGGE (Tjohalias Tie Me Tenderly) BOB PUPPY!!! Sigge got the nicest critic i ever got on a dog ❤ BRUNO (Tjohalias All Spotlights On Me) BM-PUPPY 3 W HP!! Owner: Gill Lundström Santner.  Thank you to judge Lisa Molin!

Chihuahua speciality Show Kalix

Nice day at Chihuahua speciality in Kalix!!

SIGGE (Tjohalias Tie Me Tenderly) 2 BM PUPPY w HP! Nominated to best movement & best temperament!

SUKI (CH The Small One’s Bright Crystal) BOB VETERAN BISS-3 VETERAN. Nominated to best head, movement and temperament.

LEONA (RLD N&F&A Tjohalias créme de la créme) just outside placement in BF w R-CAC!!! BISS-3 temperament! Nominated to best head & movement. Congratulations to owner Sandra Engström

BRUNO (Tjohalias All Spotlight’s On Me) BOS-BABY BISS-3 BABY!! Nominated to best head! Congratulations to owner Gill Lundström Santner

Thanks to judge Jeanette A.B!

After this show i have decided that Suki will be retiring from shows.

Open dogshow Piteå

Nice day at open dogshow in Piteå. Sigge (Tjohalias Tie Me Tenderly) BOB PUPPY!!! Bruno (Tjohalias All Spotlight’s On Me) 2 best male puppy!! Owner: Gill Lundström Santner! We didn’t stay for the finals.