Northern Speciality Show CC Kalix

FREAKING HAPPY!!!!! Team Tjohalias is the best!!! 💕

BM CAC BOS BIS4 & nominated to best head BRUNO (Tjohalias All Spotlights On Me) 💕💕Owner Gill Lundström Santner & Bengt Nordlund 💕 Big congratulations to you!!

BIS2 Movments SIGGE (CH Tjohalias Tie Me Tenderly) 💕

BEST HEAD 3 SVEA (CH Tjohalias I Love Applause) Owner Kerstin Ström 💕 Svea has the sweetest face in the world 💕

Thank you my puppybuyers for showing your dogs 💕 Congratulations also to my friend Sandra Engström – to your success with your first breed puppies 💕 I love them 🥰

And of course thank you to judge Lisa Molin for appreciate my breeding 💕



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