In loving memory

20080404 – 20190303

(Multi CH The Small One´s Bright Crystal)

The start of Everything – forever in our hearts

“I am a rolling wave without the motion
A glass of water longing for the ocean
I am an asphalt flower breaking free but you keep stoppin´me
Release me”


Name: Suki, Su-Ellen, Su-Su, mini-Skorven, Suko-Suko & Knorr
e: C.I.B Multi CHAMP Hevw-12 Ilanc Ilanc / u: Flons Fröken Chic
PL: 0,1 (2009-06-17) 0,1 (2012-03-22) / Eyes: Clear (2009-06-17) Clear (2012-03-22) Clear (2018-08-10


299921_10150299048488211_2279430_n 432139_10200341540394763_2058461716_n 432307_10150655253093211_997437498_n 733747_10200100662852975_1643328327_n 1005803_10200788024996599_361791652_n 1654478_10201968437866183_322476193_n 11055324_10204666445834696_7475492239895406001_n 1915675_1254685920903_6626418_n


C.I.B Multi CHAMP SE V-08 Honey Paj’s Killing For The Kics “Killer” x The Small One´s Bright Crystal “Suki” 0+1
The Small One´s It´s Crystal Clear “Cerise” Pl/EYES FREE

Inoff: HP x14, BIM-puppy x4, BIR-puppy x3, BIG-puppy 2, BOB x5, BOS x2, BIS2

CIB, SE CH, FI CH, NO CH, DK CH, EE CH, NORD CH, BOB x2, BOS x7, BOB veteran x2, CACIB x4, R-CACIB x4




(Chi-lott´s Isidor-Lurig)


10390349_10202589571274130_6617032662925211080_n 946965_10200354243752339_936080154_n 931422_10200354243112323_1210530589_n 579259_3539361836373_2024142008_n 314986_2301206643267_2048866101_n 38067_1459936332035_3647200_n 37612_1459931571916_3108473_n